Spiritually founded in 1959, 59 en Conserva is a production company that mainly focuses on innovative projects and non-fiction cinema. 59 en Conserva’s culture is built upon a series of values that impact directly our daily activity and which are also fully incorporated in our approach to filmmaking.

These values are owned by all of us working in the company: they define the way we work with producers, directors, crews, providers, partners, and collaborators as well as candidates. We like creating long-term work relations.

    For us, ethics are just as important as aesthetics; honesty, transparency and the courage to be frank and speak clearly. Companionship, a low profile attitude, respect and careful management of information are fundamental values in our way of doing business.
    Perfection does not exist, but excellence does indeed. And we do whatever it takes to get there in all the projects we are involved in. Doing our job thoroughly is for us also a way of honoring the craft.
    We are not easily impressed and do not take a “you can’t” for an answer. Each and every one of us is accountable for their decisions and actions.
    In filmmaking -and especially in documentary filmmaking- teamwork is fundamental in order to achieve a coherent and harmonic film. We defend and believe in it, in real teamwork, which translates into having the film project above all individual interests.
    Whenever possible we adapt the production and/or distribution strategy to the creative needs of each specific project. The creative process does not end when the shooting starts. Shooting itself, editing, sound designing and the different postproduction phases offer interesting opportunities to carry on with the creative process.
    We encourage people to go the extra mile and overcome one’s own limits as well as self-learning and proactivity to obtain better results and exceed expectations. Innovation –understood not only as a set of technological tools- is the backbone of our working style.
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