PARTICIPATION: Produced by 59 en Conserva. Released
Producer: Mariangela Mondolo-Burghard
Director: Irene M. Borrego
Cinematography: Taina Galis
Editing: Anne Kliem
Music: Miguel Pons
Shooting format: S16mm
Experimental Fiction. Spain - UK. 2008
Shooting location: London, UK
Language: English
A cinematographic piece that plays with the concept of advertisement to finally blur into an anti-advertisement piece. The use of music, the editing rhythm and the other cinematographic tools are at the service of the advertising language to finally turn it inside out.
Premiered in New York in April 2009 and included afterwards in festivals in Italy and Bulgaria, Poker presents itself as an experiment on formats and genres, as well as an exploration of the construction and the use of the audiovisual language, always defining our contenporary reality.

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